Types of Gas Solenoid Valves, Modular Burners, Industrial Intelligent Controls and Damper Motor
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Imen Energy Knowledge Base Company is active in the field of production of all kinds of Dongz model gas valves, as well as modularization of industrial burners and related controllers. These valves are produced and offered in different sizes.
All stages of design and production are carried out by experienced artisans in the fields of molding, plastic injection, die casting, electricity and electronics, specialized welding, metallurgy, CNC machining and metal coating inside the factory or under the supervision of company managers. Accepts.
The executive activity of this company started in 2020 with the registration of Imen Energy Aindeh Sazan Toos Company in Razavi Khorasan province and in the holy city of Mashhad. All Imen Energy products are produced from the best and highest quality raw materials and have a valid warranty and after-sales service.

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In order to support its valued customers, Imen Energy provides services and support for its products as follows.

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